We have assessed several options for use of the area. Among which we can mention:

Ecological Pousada or boutique-hotel – The growing interest in ecology and sustainability can mean for the future owner a great return on investment. From exclusive options like DPNY in Ilhabela to the charming Pousada Picinguaba in the north coast of São Paulo presents good prospects for investors. The exclusivity of the beach is a differential that can be used, besides, the proximity to nature, the belvedere, the spring and waterfall, as well as the buildings in general, can be reformulated to give superior comfort to guests.

Cristalino Jungle Lodge

The Cristalino Jungle Lodge offers an interesting concept in ecotourism in the heart of the Amazon.

Ecovillage and Ecological Condominium – the definition of ecovillage is wide and includes several aspects of integration among the residents. In general, these sustainable communities are maintained and organized by the residents themselves through ONGs such as the Terra Una or neighborhood associations like Clareando. Using the same terminology, are also emerging gated communities with an ecological bias such as the Ecovila Resort Residencial in Praia Grande, or the Ecovila Juquehy. Regardless of the approach, the area in which the site is located allows the construction of more houses and the installation of an ecovillage mentioned as examples. The main advantage is that existing buildings boards provides a quick commercialization process.

Oportunidades de desenvolvimento da área

Project of an ecological condominium created by the Italian Dante Bini in the 60s that is being relaunched by his son

Treatment and rehabilitation center – With the right area adaptation investment the field can become a rehabilitation center for drug addicts. The problems that Brazil faces with increase in drug consumption has generated a growing need for drug treatment clinics. The location can serve as an outpost of an already established clinic for treatment of light dependents. The nature, preservation, sidewalks, trails and sea add to the patient a wider view on life and nature.

Nature is an important factor in the recovery of patients.

Rehabilitation clinic Vila Serena in São Paulo-SP.

Traditional, holistic or ecolocial SPA – Incresingly sophisticated spas are a great choice from traditional leisure by joining body aesthetic and spiritual treatments to an offer with differentiated accommodation and total immersion in the treatment. A traditional SPA, like SPA Med Sorocoaba, offers diet treatment and beauty services, a holistic SPA like Ponto de Luz and Mãe Natureza, offers alternative treatments, spiritual consultations and areas for meditation and yoga. The ecological SPA Outeiro de Minas has a mixed offer with the traditional diet and beauty services combined with nature in relation to food, accommodation and tours.

Fointain on SPA Med Sorocaba, one of the biggest and more resourceful SPAs in Brasil.

Training and research center – the proximity to the Atlantic Forest and with the beach offers a unique opportunity for universities or companies with ecological bias. Universidade of São Paulo, for example, maintains a base  in Lamberto Beach at Ubatuba, and another in Cananeia. The University of Taubaté has a campus in Ubatuba. Other institutions such as Petrobras already has several research centers in Brazil, and plans to install two new research centers in the state of Sao Paulo. Petrobras also sponsors the Project Tamar with a base in Itaguá, center of Ubatuba.

Petrobras Research Center Leopoldo Américo Miguez de Mello (Cenpes) in Rio de Janeiro.

Other uses that could be cited include religious communities, special schools, integration centers, summer camps, etc. Important to emphasize that the current ecological restrictions do not allow new areas like this to be created in the region. So this is a unique opportunity. In the page about the documentation, we clarify the legal process which is already in progress.

Besides the uses mentioned above, it is still possible to split the area in different aspects taking advantage of the restaurant, bungallows, apartments and the lodge.


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